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What is Holistic Healthcare?

We have discussed Holistic Health and Functional Medicine in articles here on this news site but wanted to provide more information from others specifically about what Holistic Healthcare is and how to practically apply the principles in your daily life.


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Holistic health is mind, body, and spirit. Where you actually take care of yourself so that you bring the best of yourself to everything you do. You know there are lots of things you can do to stay healthy.


Drink lots of water. Water is the most healthy thing you can do. Just drink, drink, and drink. They say that if you drink a glass of water versus a caffeine, a glass of coffee, and that you get more energy from drinking water because it hydrates you than it does pouring caffeine into your body. Because caffeine is a diuretic and it will cause you eventually to get tired again.


You know watching what you eat, and packing your lunch when you come to work. I have a tendency to want to go out and eat all the time but that’s not very healthy for me because then I order big portions and have to-go boxes and then I eat all that at night. So packing your lunch you know planning ahead with your meals if you’re sitting at a desk and working at a computer. Your head’s hanging down. It’s very hard on your neck and your spine. You’re hurting your arms. You’re hurting other parts of your body. So just to get up and move and stretch and you know do the bend and stretch they taught you when you were little in kindergarten.


Another way that I take care of myself is I read scripture. I read the Bible. I have my favorite passages that tend to lift me up and make me feel better but I have a woman’s Bible that I read every day. I have a leadership prayer book and I can tell you that God works in miraculous ways because sometimes, I open a page up, and there it is and He’s speaking directly to me and the rest of my day goes better because I’ve taken some time to work on my mind and my spirit; not just my body.

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Holistic healthcare may sound strange, but according to Dr. Patricia Kraft — Regent’s School of Nursing director — it’s really pretty simple.

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