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Are You on Today’s Medicine Assembly Line?

Today’s medical system in the United States has become of large, mechanistic machine composed of insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, and medical providers, and it can seem like the patient becomes a piece on an assembly line moving from an assembly station to assembly station.

In the article linked below, Jarrod H. Smith does an excellent job of outlining the differences between Holistic Health and Medicine and the modern medical system.

Who is Jarrod H. Smith?

Jarrod H. Smith is a U.S. Naval Officer, “Military Transition” Expert, and the founder of the Liberty Accelerator Program. Jarrod is an active duty U.S. Navy Commander. His supply chain and logistics career and leadership experience has taken him around the world with the submarine force and naval aviation, and resulted in a unique perspective on this topic, because the military doesn’t transition, people do. His operational experience and two masters degrees led to the realization that “We’re doing transition all backwards!” He created a new paradigm to plan for transformation from the mindset of servicemembers (and milspouses), and to begin from the earliest days in service. After watching others transition out, and using his own life experiences, he has become a “military-to-civilian” transformation expert.


Jarrod just finished his latest book titled “AVOIDING EACH & EVERY MILITARY VETERAN’S DIS-ADVANTAGE: HOW TO OVERCOME THE LIES A MILITARY FAMILY BELIEVES TO GET OUR FREEDOM BACK” which is available many places including Amazon.

Jarrod also has created the Liberty Accelerator Program which is a military transition program that helps military service members begin the thought process of being ready to transition out of service from the early stages of their careers. It focuses on health, self, wealth, and relationships and how they pertain to transition. It offers a guide “to proactive, intentions and informed planning for life and liberty during uniformed service and in preparation for far beyond.”

What is Whole Health & Wellness And What is Today’s Medicine About?

It is important for military personnel to be prepared for utilizing the medical system when they transition out of the military, and to have as much health and wellness in their lives. In the article titled “Whole Health & Wellness…And Today’s Medicine…”  which is part of Jarrod’s series titled “KnowledgeBombs for Military Family Readiness”,  Jarrod gives you the blueprint for what you can do now as you prepare to control and manage your whole health and wellness strategic plan, and through it, your future freedom and Liberty. He guides you through investing your time and navigating and discovering your health landscape, based on the key elements you identified that matter to you.


How does your Health support the other pillars discussed so far in the KnowledgeBombs for Military Transition, and the relationships you’re building for the future?

Read more at “Whole Health & Wellness…And Today’s Medicine…” and don’t forget to subscribe to Jarrod’s Substack at https://jarrodhsmith.substack.com/ so you don’t miss anymore of these KnowledgeBombs…